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Training Pads / Mats Product Description: Overview: Train your puppy with ease using the Waggytails Training Pads / Mats. These disposable pads feature a quick-drying surface and absorbent core, making them ideal for puppy training and housebreaking. With a pack of 25 pads included in each set, you’ll have everything you need to start training your furry friend. Features: In The Box: General: Why Choose Waggytails Training Pads / Mats: These training pads offer convenience, reliability, and effectiveness for puppy training. With their quick-drying surface, absorbent core, and disposable design, they make the process of housebreaking your puppy hassle-free. Trust in Waggytails to provide the tools you need for successful puppy training. Short Description:
Features Description
Quick-Drying Surface Helps prevent leaks and messes, keeping floors clean and dry.
Absorbent Core Locks in moisture quickly, reducing odors and protecting floors.
Disposable Design Easy cleanup – simply dispose of used pads and replace as needed.
Ideal for Puppy Training Specifically designed for teaching puppies where to go potty.
Large Size Provides ample space for puppies to comfortably use the pads.
Note: Regularly change training pads to maintain cleanliness and encourage proper puppy training habits.