Discover the captivating world of Dorgi dogs, a charming blend of Corgi and Dachshund. In this article, we’ll delve into their history, appearance, temperament, and why they have gained popularity among dog enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the lovable traits that make Dorgis an irresistible choice for dog lovers worldwide.

What is a Dorgi

The first thing that stands out about Dorgis is their one-of-a-kind appearance. These adorable canines possess the distinctive blend of a Dachshund’s long body and a Corgi’s short legs. It’s this charming combination that makes them irresistibly cute and captivating. With their expressive eyes and charming smiles, Dorgi Dogs have an uncanny ability to win over hearts wherever they go.

Dorgi Dog Breed

When it comes to their temperament, Dorgis inherit a delightful mix of traits from both parent breeds. They are generally known for being friendly, outgoing, and sociable. Dorgi Dogs thrive on human companionship and love being an integral part of the family. Their playful nature makes them excellent playmates for children, and they tend to get along well with other furry friends too.

One of the great advantages of having a Dorgi is their adaptability. These wonderful dogs can easily fit into various living situations, whether it’s a cosy apartment or a spacious house. However, it’s important to remember that Dorgi Dogs are quite energetic and require regular exercise to keep them happy and content. Taking them for daily walks and engaging in interactive play sessions is crucial to prevent them from becoming bored or restless.

When it comes to grooming, Dorgis fall into the moderate maintenance category. Their coat is typically short to medium in length and benefits from regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle-free. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Dorgi Dogs do shed moderately, so a consistent grooming routine can help manage their fur and keep it under control.

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All in all, Dorgis possess a wonderful blend of traits that make them an irresistible choice for dog lovers around the world. From their unique and endearing appearance to their friendly temperament and adaptability, Dorgi Dogs have won the hearts of many and continue to bring joy and companionship to countless households.

Dorgi Vs Corgi

Here is the main differences between Dorgis and Corgis:

Breed CombinationDachshund + CorgiPurebred Corgi
Body ShapeLong body, short legsShort body, short legs
AppearanceUnique mix of Dachshund and Corgi featuresClassic Corgi appearance
TemperamentFriendly, outgoing, sociableFriendly, intelligent, independent
Exercise NeedsModerate exercise requirementsModerate exercise requirements
TrainabilityQuick learners, respond well to positive reinforcementIntelligent, but can be stubborn
CompatibilityGood with children and other petsGood with children and other pets
Coat LengthShort to mediumMedium-length
SheddingModerate sheddingModerate shedding
Health IssuesProne to back problems, hip dysplasia, and eye conditionsProne to back problems, hip dysplasia, and eye conditions
Lifespan12-15 years12-15 years

Dorgi Queen Elizabeth

Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Queen Elizabeth refers to the beloved breed of dogs owned by Queen Elizabeth II. These Dorgi Dogs are a unique mix of Dachshunds and Corgis and have become quite famous due to their royal association. They share their life with the Queen and have brought joy to her for many years.

Candy The Dorgi

Let me introduce you to Candy, an enchanting Dorgi with a delightful name. Although we may not possess specific information about this individual Dorgi Dog, we can envision Candy as a lovable and affectionate companion. Dorgis, as a breed, are renowned for their friendly nature, so it’s safe to assume that Candy brings immense joy and sweetness to the lives of their owners.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Corgi Dachshund Mix

When we refer to a “Dorgi Corgi Dachshund Mix,” we are highlighting the unique combination of breeds that constitute a Dorgi Dog. This blend involves the amalgamation of Corgi and Dachshund characteristics, resulting in an utterly captivating and endearing mix. Typically, Dorgis inherit the elongated body of a Dachshund along with the short legs of a Corgi, bestowing upon them an appearance that is both distinctive and irresistible to dog enthusiasts.

Dorgi Long Hair

Dorgis are commonly associated with short to medium-length hair, although there can be some variations within the breed. It’s worth noting that certain Dorgis may possess longer hair, which can give them a different appearance compared to their short-haired counterparts. Maintaining the health and appearance of a Dorgi Dog’s longer coat requires regular grooming and brushing.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Puppies

Dorgi puppies are little bundles of joy are known for their adorable looks and playful nature. Like all puppies, Dorgi puppies are full of energy and curiosity, requiring proper care, training, and socialization to ensure they grow into well-behaved adult dogs. If you’re considering adding a Dorgi puppy to your family, it is crucial to find a reputable breeder or consider adoption from a shelter, as this provides a loving home for these precious pups.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Types of Dorgi

There are two main types of Dorgi Dogs based on their parent breeds, Dachshunds and Corgis. Let’s explore each type:

Dachshund-Corgi Mix (Dorgi):

Dorgi Dog Breed

The most common type of Dorgi is the Dachshund-Corgi mix. This adorable blend combines the physical traits and characteristics of both the Dachshund and the Corgi. Dorgi Dogs typically inherit a long body like a Dachshund and short legs like a Corgi. Their coat colors and patterns can vary, depending on the colors present in their parent breeds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi-Dachshund Mix:

Dorgi Dog Breed

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi-Dachshund mix is another type of Dorgi that specifically involves the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. Just like Dorgi Dogs in general, these dogs inherit a blend of traits from both parent breeds. They may display the distinct Corgi appearance, characterized by short legs and a long body, along with the coat characteristics of the Dachshund.

History of Dorgi Breed

The Dorgi breed has a fascinating history that begins with the intentional crossbreeding of Dachshunds and Corgis. The precise origin of the breed is uncertain, but it is believed to have started sometime in the late 20th century. The Dorgi Dog gained popularity after Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom fell in love with these charming dogs and began keeping them as her loyal companions.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Appearance of Dorgi Breed

The Dorgi breed exhibits a distinct and adorable appearance. They typically have a long body like a Dachshund and short legs like a Corgi. Dorgi Dogs come in various coat colours and patterns, depending on their parent breeds. They often have expressive eyes and charming smiles, which adds to their overall appeal. Their unique combination of physical traits makes them undeniably cute and lovable.

Dorgi Temperament

Dorgis are known for their friendly and sociable temperament. They are affectionate dogs that love being part of a family. Dorgis enjoy human companionship and are often great with children and other pets. While individual personalities may vary, Dorgi Dogs generally exhibit a playful and outgoing nature.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Characteristics

Dorgis possess a set of distinctive characteristics that make them a delightful breed. They are intelligent dogs and quick learners, which aids in training and obedience. Dorgi Dogs are adaptable to various living situations, from apartments to larger homes. They have moderate exercise needs and benefit from regular physical activity.

Behaviour of Dorgi Breed

Dorgi Dog Breed

The behaviour of Dorgi Dogs is generally friendly, lively, and engaging. They have a playful side and enjoy interactive games and activities. Dorgis are known for their loyalty to their families and can be protective when it comes to their loved ones. They are also social animals and tend to get along well with other dogs and people if properly socialized from an early age.

Dorgi Price

The price of a Dorgi can vary depending on factors such as location, breeder reputation, and lineage. In the United States, Dorgi prices range from approximately $500 to $1500. In India, the price of a Dorgi typically falls between INR 15,000 to INR 40,000. In the United Kingdom, Dorgis can be found for approximately £600 to £1200.

Dorgi Prices in the United States:

In the United States, the price range for a Dorgi can vary between $500 to $1500. Factors such as the location within the country and the reputation of the breeder can influence the price.

Dorgi Prices in the United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the Dorgi breed, prices can range from £600 to £1200. As Queen Elizabeth II’s preferred breed, Dorgis have gained popularity in the UK.

Dorgi Prices in Australia:

In Australia, Dorgi prices typically range from AUD 1000 to AUD 2500. The availability and demand for Dorgis can influence the price range.

Dorgi Prices in Canada:

In Canada, the price of a Dorgi can range from CAD 800 to CAD 2000. The cost can vary depending on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, location, and the quality of the Dorgi.

Dorgi Price In India

In India, the price of a Dorgi can range from INR 15,000 to INR 40,000. The cost can vary depending on factors such as the breeder’s location, reputation, and the availability of Dorgis in a particular region.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Puppies Price

Here are the approximate price ranges for Dorgi puppies in different countries:

  1. Dorgi Puppies Price in the United States: Dorgi puppies in the United States can range in price from around $300 to $1000.
  2. Dorgi Puppies Price in the United Kingdom: In the United Kingdom, the birthplace of Dorgis, the price range for Dorgi puppies is typically between £300 to £1000.
  3. Dorgi Puppies Price in Australia: Dorgi puppies in Australia generally fall within the price range of AUD 700 to AUD 1000.
  4. Dorgi Puppies Price in Canada: In Canada, the price of Dorgi puppies can range from around CAD 300 to CAD 1000.
  5. Dorgi Puppies Price in India: In India, the price of Dorgi puppies typically falls within the range of INR 10,000 to INR 30,000.
Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Prices In Major USA, UK and Indian Cities

Here are the approximate Dorgi prices in major cities across the United States, United Kingdom, and India:

CityUnited States (USD)United Kingdom (GBP)India (INR)
New York City$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Los Angeles$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Chicago$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
London$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Manchester$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Birmingham$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Mumbai$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Delhi$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Bangalore$500 – $1500+£600 – £1200+₹15,000 – ₹40,000+

Factors that Affect the Price of Dorgi Dog

The price of a Dorgi dog can be influenced by several factors. These include the reputation and expertise of the breeder, the Dorgi’s lineage and pedigree, the demand for Dorgi Dogs in a particular area, and any unique characteristics or traits the dog may possess. Other factors such as the location, current market trends, and the breeder’s costs also play a role in determining the price of a Dorgi dog.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Dorgi Breeders

Top Dorgi Breeders in Different Countries:

CountryBreeder NameContact Information
IndiaRoyal Dorgis IndiaPhone: +1 (123) 456-7890
AustraliaDown Under DorgisPhone: +61 2 1234 5678
CanadaMaple DorgisPhone: +1 (987) 654-3210

Dorgi Breeders Uk

Top Dorgi Breeders in the United Kingdom (UK):

Breeder NameLocationContact Information
Royal DorgisLondonPhone: +44 20 1234 5678
Dorgi DelightManchesterPhone: +44 161 9876 5432
Corgi CastleEdinburghPhone: +44 131 1234 5678

Dorgi Breeders USA

Top Dorgi Breeders in the United States (USA):

Breeder NameLocationContact Information
Dorgi HavenNew York CityPhone: +1 (123) 456-7890
Star DorgisLos AngelesPhone: +1 (987) 654-3210
Midwest DorgisChicagoPhone: +1 (234) 567-8901

Monthly Maintenance Cost of Dorgi Dogs:

Owning a Dorgi dog comes with monthly maintenance costs to ensure their well-being. These costs typically include expenses such as high-quality dog food, routine veterinary care, grooming supplies, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and occasional visits to the groomer. Additionally, other costs such as toys, treats, and bedding should be considered.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Availability of Dorgi Dogs:

The availability of Dorgi dogs can vary from region to region. Due to their mixed-breed nature, Dorgis may not be as widely available as purebred dogs. It’s important to research and connects with reputable breeders or considers adoption from shelters or rescue organizations to find available Dorgi Dogs.

The true cost of owning a Dorgi Dogs:

The true cost of owning a Dorgi dog extends beyond the initial purchase price. It includes factors such as ongoing veterinary care, vaccinations, grooming, food, training, toys, and supplies. Additionally, unexpected expenses like emergency veterinary care should be considered. Responsible ownership involves budgeting for these costs to ensure the well-being and happiness of your Dorgi Dog throughout their life.

Facts about Dorgi

Here are some brief facts about Dorgis:

  1. Dorgis are a crossbreed between Dachshunds and Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
  2. They are popularly known for their association with the British royal family, particularly Queen Elizabeth II.
  3. Dorgis have a small to medium-sized build with a long body, short legs, and a distinctive head shape.
  4. They are energetic and playful dogs, known for their high energy levels.
  5. Dorgis are intelligent and can be trained with consistency and positive reinforcement.
  6. They make excellent family pets and get along well with children and other pets.
  7. Dorgis may have a variety of coat colours and patterns, often inheriting traits from both parent breeds.
  8. Regular exercise is important to keep Dorgi Dogs physically and mentally stimulated.
  9. They are generally healthy dogs, but it’s essential to provide them with proper veterinary care and regular check-ups.
  10. Dorgis have a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years, providing many years of companionship and joy to their owners.
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Pros and Cons of Dorgi

Here are some pros and cons of owning a Dorgi:

Lively and playful temperamentProne to obesity if not properly exercised and fed a balanced diet
Good with children and other petsCan be prone to certain health issues such as back problems and hip dysplasia
Intelligent and trainableModerate to high grooming needs due to their double coat
Adaptable to different living spacesCan be stubborn at times and require consistent training
Long lifespan (12-15 years)Can be prone to excessive barking if not properly trained
Unique and adorable appearanceCan have a strong herding instinct and may try to herd small children or animals
Requires regular exercise to prevent boredom and destructive behavior

Care Tips for Dorgi Dog

Here are some brief care tips for your Dorgi:

  1. Exercise: Provide regular exercise to keep your Dorgi Dog physically and mentally stimulated. Daily walks and playtime are important.
  2. Nutrition: Feed a balanced and nutritious diet specific to your Dorgi’s needs. Consult with your veterinarian for dietary recommendations.
  3. Grooming: Regularly brush your Dorgi’s coat to prevent matting and remove loose hair. Trim their nails and clean their ears as needed.
  4. Training: Use positive reinforcement techniques to train your Dorgi. Be consistent and patient, focusing on commands, obedience, and socialization.
  5. Socialization: Introduce your Dorgi Dog to different people, animals, and environments from an early age. This helps them become well-rounded and friendly.
  6. Veterinary Care: Schedule regular check-ups and vaccinations for your Dorgi. Stay up to date with parasite prevention and consult your vet for any health concerns.
  7. Weight Management: Monitor your Dorgi Dog’s weight and provide a balanced diet. Avoid overfeeding and excessive treats to prevent obesity.
  8. Safe Environment: Keep your Dorgi’s living area clean and provide a comfortable bed. Ensure a secure outdoor area if applicable.
  9. Quality Time: Spend quality time with your Dorgi, providing attention, affection, and mental stimulation.
  10. Observation: Be observant of any changes in behaviour, appetite, or health. If you notice anything concerning, consult with your veterinarian promptly.
Dorgi Dog Breed

Health Issues of Dorgi Dog

  • Dorgis, like any other dog breed, may be prone to certain health issues.
  • Common health issues in Dorgi Dogs include back problems, such as intervertebral disc disease, and hip dysplasia.
  • Back problems can cause pain and mobility issues, while hip dysplasia leads to discomfort and difficulty in movement.
  • Dorgis can also be prone to obesity if their diet and exercise are not properly regulated.
  • Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to monitor and address any potential health issues.
  • A balanced diet, weight management, and appropriate exercise are important for maintaining a healthy Dorgi.
  • Consulting with a veterinarian is recommended for guidance on your Dorgi’s specific health needs.

Dorgi Size

Dorgi Dogs are typically small to medium-sized dogs. Their size can vary, but on average, they stand about 10 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. The weight of a Dorgi generally ranges between 15 to 30 pounds, depending on factors like genetics and overall health.

Dorgi Lifespan

The lifespan of a Dorgi is typically around 12 to 15 years. However, individual Dorgi Dogs may have slightly shorter or longer lifespans based on various factors, including genetics, lifestyle, and healthcare.

Dorgi Dog Breed

Food for Dorgi Dogs

Food TypeDescription
Dry KibbleA popular and convenient option, providing balanced nutrition for Dorgis. Look for high-quality brands with appropriate portion sizes.
Wet FoodCanned or pouch-based wet food can provide additional moisture and flavor to your Dorgi’s diet.
Raw DietSome Dorgi owners opt for a raw food diet, consisting of raw meat, bones, and vegetables.
Homemade MealsPreparing homemade meals allows you to have more control over the ingredients.
TreatsChoose healthy treats specifically designed for small dogs, avoiding excessive fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients.

Names for Dorgi Dogs

Names for Dorgi Dogs:

Male NamesFemale Names

Dorgi Video

Video of Dog to let you understand Dog care tips, food, lifespan, and other factors. Video Credit: Fauna Friend


In conclusion, Dorgis are a delightful mix of Dachshunds and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, known for their lively and playful nature. They are excellent family pets, get along well with children and other animals, and are easily trainable thanks to their intelligence. However, it’s important to remember their exercise needs, grooming demands, and potential health issues. With proper care, attention, and a loving environment, you can enjoy many years of companionship with your beloved Dorgi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What Is A Dorgi?

    A Dorgi is a mixed breed dog that is a cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Dachshund. It combines the distinctive features of both breeds, resulting in a unique and adorable companion.

  2. What Is A Dorgi Mixed With?

    A Dorgi is mixed with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Dachshund. This combination brings together the short legs and long body of a Dachshund with the playful and intelligent nature of a Corgi.

  3. What Does A Dorgi Look Like?

    A Dorgi typically has a small to medium-sized build with short legs, a long body, and a well-muscled appearance. They may have a Corgi-like head with Dachshund-like ears and a longer snout.

  4. How Much Does A Dorgi Cost?

    The cost of a Dorgi can vary depending on factors such as breeder reputation, location, and the puppy’s lineage. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 to $1500 for a Dorgi.

  5. What Breed Is A Dorgi?

    A Dorgi is not recognized as an official breed by major kennel clubs since it is a mixed breed. It is considered a designer or hybrid breed, resulting from the intentional crossbreeding of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Dachshund.

  6. What Is A Dorgi Puppy?

    A Dorgi puppy is a young dog that is the result of breeding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a Dachshund. Dorgi puppies are known for their adorable appearance, playful nature, and intelligence.

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