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Dog Chew Toys Cooling Teether Durable Toys for Dog & Puppies Fish

Product Description:

Introducing the Dog Chew Toys Cooling Teether, a durable and refreshing toy designed to provide hours of entertainment and relief for your furry friend. This fish-shaped teether is not only robust but also features cooling properties, making it an ideal choice for playtime both indoors and outdoors.


  • Robust Design: Crafted to withstand vigorous chewing, this toy is built to last through countless play sessions.
  • Cooling Feature: Simply fill the toy with water and freeze it overnight to create a soothing and refreshing sensation for your dog’s gums and teeth.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Play: The durable construction and cooling properties make this toy perfect for playtime in the backyard or park, keeping your dog entertained and cool on hot days.
  • Ridge Design: The ridges on the toy provide texture for your dog’s teeth and gums, offering a gentle massage that helps alleviate discomfort and promote dental health.
  • Suitable for Puppies and Senior Dogs: Whether your dog is teething or experiencing dental issues, this teether provides relief and stimulation for dogs of all ages.

Fill the toy with water and freeze it overnight before giving it to your dog for play. Supervise your dog during playtime and discard the toy if it becomes damaged or worn.

Made from durable and non-toxic materials for safe chewing.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dog Chew Toy Cooling Teether Fish

Additional Information:

  • Always supervise your dog while using the toy to prevent accidental ingestion of parts.
  • Regularly clean the toy with mild soap and water to maintain hygiene.

Safety Information:
Inspect the toy regularly for signs of damage and replace if necessary. Avoid leaving your dog unattended with the toy, especially if they are aggressive chewers.

Why Choose Dog Chew Toys Cooling Teether:
This toy offers a combination of durability, dental health benefits, and cooling relief, making it a versatile and essential addition to your dog’s toy collection.

For optimal cooling effect, freeze the toy overnight before each use.

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Additional information

Weight .100 kg

BestToPets, WaggyTails


Ocean Blue, Yellow

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Pack of 1

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Cat, Dog

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    Dog Chew Toys- Cooling Teether Durable Toys for Dog, Cats & Puppies- Fish

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