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Introducing the Dash Dog Dumbbell Chew Dog Toy – the ultimate playtime companion for your robust chewer. This toy is not only strong and durable but also promises hours of enjoyment for your furry friend.

Crafted with the safety of your dog in mind, the Dash Dog Dumbbell features a textured surface that efficiently removes plaque and tartar, promoting good dental hygiene while aiding your dog in unwinding and relieving stress through the act of gnawing.

Whether your dog prefers indoor or outdoor activities, the Dash Dog Dumbbell is versatile enough to cater to both. Utilize it as a fetching toy outdoors, turning playtime into an exciting chase, or let your dog indulge in solo chewing sessions indoors.

Key Features of Chew Dog Toy:

1. Non-toxic chew and fetch toy designed for tough chewers.
2. Engineered with innovation to withstand vigorous chewing.
3. Strong, durable, and long-lasting for extended play.
4. Constructed from natural biodegradable rubber, ensuring safety.
5. Ideal for chewing and gnawing, providing both physical and mental stimulation.
6. Textured surface enhances dental hygiene by removing plaque and tartar.
7. Promises 100% fun for your canine companion.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the longevity of the Dash Dog Dumbbell Chew Dog Toy, avoid washing it with dishwashing gel. Instead, soak the toy in plain water and ensure thorough drying.

Friendly Reminder:

Remember, both you and your pet deserve some quality downtime together. Take a break, head outdoors, and enjoy a playful bonding session.

Extra Enjoyment Tip:

For added fun, consider placing dog treats with peanut butter inside the toy. This simple addition can transform the toy into an engaging activity, keeping your dog happily occupied for hours.

Elevate your dog’s playtime experience with the Dash Dog Dumbbell Chew Dog Toy – where safety, durability, and enjoyment converge.

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 cm

Dash Dog



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