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1. Diverse Stimuli: Toys are essential tools for enriching your dog’s life, offering a variety of stimuli.

2. Durability Options: With a plethora of choices, some toys are designed for lasting durability, ensuring long-lasting engagement.

3. Natural Instincts: Plush toys simulate prey, catering to your dog’s natural hunting instinct, while squeaky toys provide similar stimulation.

4. Satisfying Chewing: Tough rubber toys are ideal for dogs to chew and gnaw, promoting dental health and satisfaction.

5. Social Learning: Interactive toys like tugs contribute to social learning, helping dogs navigate and overcome social challenges.

6. Motivational Tools: Toys serve as motivational aids, encouraging fast-paced and active games that keep your pet engaged and energized.

7. Energetic Exercise: Beyond traditional walks, toys facilitate throwing and retrieving activities, burning more energy and providing a dynamic exercise experience.

Featured Product:
– Cute Animal Toy with Sound:
– Animal motif for added appeal
– Plush toy made of soft polyester material
– Size: 40 cm for optimal comfort and entertainment

Additional information

Weight .800 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 18 cm




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