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Food For Guinea Pig:

This pet feed offers a well-balanced blend of vegetables, including carrots, parsnips, and beetroot, alongside fruit, providing essential minerals, vitamins, and anthocyanins. Comprising easily digestible pieces, it incorporates Currant berries and parsley for vitamin C, while Bean flakes contribute easily digestible protein.

Key Features:

1. Nutrient-Rich Composition:
– A harmonious mix of vegetables and fruit ensures a diverse array of essential nutrients.
– Currant berries, parsley, and Bean flakes specifically enhance the content with vitamin C and easily digestible protein.

2. Feeding Guidelines:
– Consult your vet before introducing any changes to your pet’s diet.
– Maintain a constant supply of fresh water for your pet.
– Clean the remnants of the previous meal before serving a new one.
– Adhere to recommended quantities to ensure optimal nutrition.

Feeding Instructions:
– This serves as a general guide; consult your vet for specific quantities.
– Provide approximately 35-50 g of food per day to your Guinea pig, adjusting based on weight and age.

– Wheat flour, grass brush, sourdough meal, lucerne brush, wheat, june0144, oatmeal, corn, bread, carrot, parsnip, beetroot, wheat, cornmeal, beans, linseed, yeast, redcurrant, parsley nau0107, linden, lentils, oats, carrot cake.

Additional Information:
– Raw protein % (min): 10.5
– Raw fat % (min): 0.1
– Raw fiber % (max): 14.1
– Raw ash % (max): 5.84
– Moisture % (max): 12

Ensure your pet’s well-being with this meticulously crafted feed, promoting not only a flavorful diet but also a balanced intake of essential nutrients crucial for their health and vitality.

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