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Oxbow’s Western Timothy Dry Hay stands as a wholesome and aromatic grass, specially curated to entice the appetites of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets. This all-natural hay, harvested fresh from Oxbow’s family farms, holds the distinction of being the #1 vet-recommended choice for small herbivores.

Key Features:

1. Fresh Harvest from Oxbow’s Farms:
– Hand-sorted and meticulously packed, ensuring quality and care in every serving.
– Cultivated exclusively for small pets, guaranteeing a tailored nutritional profile.

2. High-Fiber for Digestive & Dental Health:
– Enriched with premium-quality grass, Western Timothy is a rich source of fiber crucial for digestive and dental well-being.

Feeding Instructions:
– Provide generous amounts of grass hay daily in your pet’s habitat.
– Enhance your pet’s diet by mixing different grass hays, exploring various tastes and textures to identify their favorites.

Ingredients (per 100g):
– Crude Protein (min): 7.00%
– Crude Fat (min): 1.50%
– Crude Fiber (max): 32.00%
– Moisture (max): 15.00%

– Store hay in a cool, dry place, free from insects and pests.
– Close the bag securely, expelling air, after each use to maintain freshness.

Elevate your small pet’s dining experience with Oxbow’s Western Timothy Hay—a premium, vet-recommended choice that not only satisfies their taste buds but also supports their overall health and vitality.

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1.13 kg, 425 g


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